Whenever I leave the house I try to surround myself with other people as much as possible to avoid the deep feeling of loneliness whenever I have too long by myself to overthink. The false pretence I portray is too much to handle and it collapses as soon as I step into my bedroom. I’m fed up of smiling at friends, relatives and customers everyday at work when inside I’m so alone I feel to cry whenever I think about it. I have no one to talk to about it, kiss me or even give me a hug to tell me everything will be okay. I’m falling into a pit of loneliness and in 3 weeks time when I move away from everyone I know, this feeling is only going to get worse. I wish I had had the opportunity to experience a normal family where you get hugged more than once a year and where you don’t sit and eat dinner in your room, alone, and where someone actually cares how you’re feeling.


Tallinn, Estonia
Helsinki, Finland

Manhattan from the east
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